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Dr Dene Carter, a professor from The Academy of Science said:
A personalised program tailored to your child's individual needs is the easiest and quickest way to improve your child's subject knowledge. The undivided attention a personal tutor will offer accelerates your child's learning and understanding leading to exam success.
BBC News :
Figures show just 1 in 15 (6.5 %) pupils starting secondary school in England 'behind' for their age goes on to achieve 5 good GCSE grades including English & Maths, official data shows.

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Tuition to all levels, ages and abilities for school & college subjects.  Primary, 11 Plus preparation, Secondary, GCSE & A Level.

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What has impressed me most about Start Smart is seeing the shift in attitude in my son. I found it very difficult getting him motivated and was very worried he wasn’t going to fulfil his potential. The teachers at the centre have managed to engage with him remarkably well and it’s reflected in his grades. The teachers at the centre are the role models our children need.

- Mrs Khan

Start Smart was recommended to us by my son’s maths teacher. He was already an outstanding student but needed that extra support to achieve his target grades. I’m glad we chose ‘Start Smart’ and would recommend it to others in a similar position.

- Mr Khalil

I have three children between the ages of 10 – 13 that attend the tuition centre. The teachers who provide the tuition are very much ‘in tune’ with the children’s individual needs and are able to provide the attention each child requires. This is made possible from the small groups. The difference between the teachers at Start Smart and other tuition outlets is that the teachers here are practicing teachers

- Mr Sher

My Son and daughter have been with Start Smart since September 2011 for tuition in Maths and English. Not only has both their academic work but their confidence and attitude to work has also improved

- Mrs Khan

We were in two minds whether group tuition was suitable for our daughter. We were concerned our daughter may not get the attention needed however after completing the two week free trial we had no doubts Start Smart was right for us. Being in a group with children of similar ability allowed for there to be positive competition between the students and helps create a fun atmosphere. Our daughter loves attending her classes and has recommended a number of her friends to the centre.

- Mr Hamid

Our daughter currently receives A Level chemistry tutoring. The tutor is both professional and has an excellent understanding of the syllabus. We feel our daughter is having the perfect preparation needed for her to perform well in her exams.

- Mr Thomas

Our son and daughter have both been attending Start Smart for the past two years. They attended another tuition centre before I enrolled them into Start Smart at which they were really unhappy. I would often hear complaints of how the classes were both boring and not helpful; thankfully I’ve not had to put up with that since I’ve enrolled them into ‘Start Smart’. The children are happy and they have shown progress at school. I have many friends who also have their children enrolled at the centre who share similar experiences. The teachers at the centre are doing a fantastic job.

- Mrs Mahmood

Start Smart have been helping my son prepare for his 11 plus exams. Finding an 11 plus tutor is very challenging, I was incredibly grateful to a friend who recommended me Start Smart. My son’s tutor was able to quickly identify his weaknesses and has been able to address them in a short period of time. The centre is professionally run and provides an outstanding service. At the price we’re paying, it’s unrivalled.

- Mr Kauthar

My son hates algebra and has always found it difficult. I’m a practicing teacher however found it difficult teaching my son as he never responded to me well. I was recommended the school by a fellow teacher whose son also attends the centre. My son has since been attending the centre for the past 6 months and has shown excellIent progress. He’s starting to now enjoy maths as the teachers have provided him the confidence he needed.

- Mrs Jeevan

My son has always found school very challenging, as a result he doesn’t show much of an interest and rarely pushes himself. After months of persuading him to begin tuition I decided to take the initiative and signed him up to Start Smart as I felt it was necessary since he was falling behind his peers. Despite him showing a real reluctance to want to attend at first, I was amazed to see his response when he returned back from his first lesson. He was able to connect really well with the tutor and he found the class ‘fun’, something I’d never heard him describe when learning. He is in contact through email with his tutor throughout the week and his tutor provides him the support he needs with his homework, coursework and revision should he require it. Thank you ‘Start Smart’.

- Mrs Naveed